Europe: Part I


In less than a week we'll be touching down in Londontown. We'll spend a few days seeing the sights and visiting with friends before we hop over to Paris and eat, tour and shop our way through the City of Light. The weather is going to be chilly and we'll be doing plenty of walking so I'm packing stylish comforts and lots of layers. Lucky for me, high-fashion houses made Nike's the star of many recent collections (my feet are rejoicing) but I'll also be bringing this pair of over-the-knee boots (the perfect inexpensive alternative to the Stuart Weiztman 50/50s) and a pair of wedge booties for evening. One thing I'm not particularly looking forward to is our 10 hour redeye. Sleeping on planes is not my forte so I've been doing extensive research on ways to improve my chances or slumber and found this amazing inflatable pillow (highly recommended for side sleepers like moi), this memory foam cover and this blanket. Along with my headphones and eye mask, the more that seat feels like a cozy bed the better. 

This trip is mostly please, but it's impossible not to find design and decor inspiration at every turn. I'll be instagraming while we explore each city and promise to give a full blog recap upon our return. 

sleep mask // nikes // scarf // hat (similar) // noise canceling headphones // mini straightener // sunglasses // art stick in cassis// solid scent // eye pallet (similar)// sweater

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