top 6: Lantern Lighting


Right now, the most popular look in lighting is the deconstructed lantern. You've probably seen the single cage lantern in an entryway or the linear version over a rustic dining table a few times on Pinterest. While the original Darlana Collection by Visual Comfort is beautiful we understand that everyone isn't prepared to spend $$$ on a lighting update so for this week's top 6 we're sharing three single and three linear lanterns that all come in under $800.    

The Originals


The originals by Visual Comfort set the style and size standard. Shown above you can see the scale of each piece is meant to feel oversized. They're large yet simple, never taking over as the focal point of a space yet adding sophistication points. Offered in multiple finishes like gilded gold (a warmer more traditional feel) iron (above) and polished nickel (for added glam) the flexibility of this look is evident and you don't have to spend big bucks to get it.  


Gull Lighting 


By Sea Gull lighting, these linear and caged lanterns are my favorite both stylistically and price-wise. They have a modern feel that blends well any interior and come standard in matte black iron. The linear chandelier is smaller but actually has more bulbs than the Visual Comfort version at a fraction of the price (under $400). The single lanterns are nice and big and come in multiple sizes depending on your space. If matching your lighting isn't your thing try pairing two singles with the Hinkley linear chandelier (below) #housegoals. 


Millennium Lighting


Millennium Lighting has created a smaller, more traditional pair of lanterns that look great in rustic settings or farmhouses. Beware that the linear chandelier is quite a bit smaller than the original version but the single caged lantern comes in multiple sizes (we usually opt for the 20 inch) and they both come in 4 different finishes. A tip: If the scale is too small and you have a longer dining table you could double up on either one and still spend less! 


Hinkley Lighting

Images via and via

Images via and via


There are two things I love about these lanterns from Hinkley: the dual metals and the fact that they aren't trying to be an exact replica. The style is a bit modern but still blends nicely in more traditional or rustic spaces. The linear chandelier is a nice size and can hold it's own over a large dining table and the single lantern comes in multiple sizes. Both are additionally available in a black/silver combo and for extra personality try Edison bulbs


Finally, as a thank you for hanging with me this far: this company is producing a smaller but almost exact knock-off of the linear chandelier.  If it's true what they say, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," then Visual Comfort should be getting all the feels. The big thing to remember with any type of lighting is scale: have a good understanding of each dimension and be sure to order extra length or chain if you need it. Also, don't be afraid to mix and match! Everything doesn't have to be the same look or brand and your space will feel more personal and collected.