Project Neutral Nursery


When you know you aren't going to live in your home more than six months after you have a baby, how do you design the nursery? It has to be functional enough for you to use and pretty enough for you to sell your home. Challenge accepted. Here's how it all went down: 

1. Decide on a color scheme

First, we decided on a color scheme. Notice I said scheme and not theme. I don't like themes as they tend to feel hokey to me rather than designed but I do love choosing a group of colors to work with so that's where I began. We needed to keep this space as neutral as possible since it would be photographed and shown so we decided on whites, creams, camel, black and brown.  

2. Let's talk function

Then we had to ask ourselves things like, "When will baby be sleeping in this room?" and "What will we need to store here?" We were planning to have the baby in our room for at least the first few weeks of his life so we knew the nursery would get some decent use. We wouldn't need a play area as we spent most of our daytime hours in the main family room so really the room would function as a place for feeding, changing and sleeping. With that in mind we kept clothing and toy storage simple and opted to invest in the basics: a crib, changing table and chair. 

3. Find a Crib

This is where we had to think ahead. How do you pick a crib that works both in your current space and for a room in a future home that you've never seen? We knew our general family style so we found one that was both versatile and cohesive with the furniture in the rest of our home. Creating a common style from room to room makes a home feel more put together so we knew regardless of the size and layout of our next space, that it would work. 


4. Dresser or changing table?

I love a dual use piece of furniture. We found our awesome dresser at Land of Nod and it came with a changing tray that you can attached (and detach) depending on the stage you're in. It has clean lines like the crib but in a nice warm wood tone that coordinates perfectly. Plus is came with simple, beautiful gold hardware!  See, we shop retail sometimes too :) 


5. What?! No Glider? 

I now firmly believe Mother's Intuition is real. For some reason I never envisioned sitting for hours rocking our baby so we didn't invest in a glider. People thought we were crazy until he was born and the only way he could be soothed was by bouncing on an exercise ball (thank you, Amazon Prime). Instead, we designed a super comfy chair that we loved and upholstered it in a neutral linen weave so that it could potentially be used in another room of our home once we moved. UPDATE: **We ended up ordering a second one and now have a pair of them in our family room.**

6. Accessorize 

The last thing we did was choose smaller items that gave the room character and personality. Painting or wallpapering is a great way to transform a space but in this case it would have been a waste of time and money so we opted for triangular decals behind the crib instead. We added softness and warmth to the floor with our washable sheepskin rug, snatched up an awesome gold lamp at target for the changing table and then added baby animal prints and family photos to the walls. For added color we hung a few of baby boy's darling outfits from Gap and Zara and three tortoise shells that I found at a flea market to symbolize our growing family.   


As we always say, each design project we work on is different and has unique goals and needs. This wasn't the most conventional nursery project and we are often our own worst clients but we love how it all came together. Shop it below or contact us if you'd like our help designing your space.