Interview: The Everygirl

It’s refreshing to be part of a society that’s getting back to its roots of smaller, more thoughtful commerce.
— Lauren

Who hasn't heard of The Everygirl? Friends and now business partners, Danielle and Alaina, have created one of the most loyal followings on the internet by producing salient, helpful and inspirational content for creative women around the world. Empowering their readers to follow their passion with confidence and intention really hit home with me and our recent collaboration felt like a natural fit from the start. From dishing on furniture quality to remembering the uncertainty of my early 20's it was such an honor to tell my story. Copper+Walnut is far from where I dream it can go but your support, and that of trailblazers like The Everygirl, has made it possible for me to embark on this passion journey at all.

A huge thank you to Alaina Kaczmarski + The Everygirl staff for the feature and for empowering a new generation of creative women. You can read my interview, here

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