Top 6: Design Trends For 2017

"Trendy" is a term we use lightly around here because we pride ourselves in designing timeless spaces. On the other hand, it's important to stay current and fresh so we like to incorporate trends in smaller, more subtle ways. If 2016 was the year of white walls and gold accents 2017 looks like it'll be full of moody hues, natural patterns and (surprise!) gold accents. 

1. Large Scale Floral Patterns

We swooned over them in Emily Shuman's (of Cupcake's and Cashmere) powder room, love how sophisticate a laundry room, make a children's room feel whimsical and bring drama into a bedroom. While they make the most impact with wallpaper, we are loving this feminine trend on drapes and pillows as well. You can find our favorite florals at Elle Cashman, House of Hackney, Anthropologie and Chasing Paper


2. Natural Wood

White kitchens aren't going anywhere they're just warming up with natural wood elements like islands, pantries, doors, ceiling beams and accent storage. With this trend we usually have to defer to the home style to pick a species, but we prefer staying clear of cherry wood, anything with too much yellow in it and stains that are so dark they eliminate the grain. 


3. Gold Accents

Gold is here to stay. We'll start to see some of it's cousins (Rose Gold and Copper) pop into the picture but the warmth and coolness of un-laquered brass is still going to be coveted in kitchen and baths alike. If you ask us, you can't go wrong with classic pulls and farmhouse faucets. But you never have to fully commit to gold (especially in the kitchen since appliances are usually stainless) you can always mix and match metals. We recommend sticking to two and using things like lights and range hoods as a place to combine them to make it look intentional.     


4. Dark Green

Pantone picked the right color, wrong hue (IMO). This year we'll be seeing a lot of dark green on walls and cabinetry. We love green because you often see it out windows (trees, grass) so it feels only natural to bring it indoors. Go with a dark, greyed tone in a matte finish for a moody bedroom or powder room and if you're looking for extra drama paint the trim and moulding as well. Our favorites are (left to right): Pewter Green and Dard Green by Sherwin Williams and Weathered and Hazy and Studio Green by Farrow and Ball.


You can incorporate green in furniture too. We love emerald velvet with neutral walls in combination with another strong texture like camel leather but this is a look is very versatile and can be styled so many different ways. Here are a few rooms that inspire us: mid-century, traditional, casual and formal. See image sources, here


5. Marble Alternatives

Carrara Marble is beautiful but it's also rather impractical for spaces like a kitchen (hello, water spots). Majority of our clients begin the design process requesting Carrara countertops so we are excited to see the trend moving toward more movement (veining and pattern) and alternative, durable materials in 2017. Kristin did a kitchen this past year with a giant chunk of honed granite on a huge island. It's a showstopper and honing it made it feel updated and practical for the family of 6. We'll have images of that project on the blog later this year.

Some of our favorite alternative countertop materials include: honed granite, quartz and soapstone. See more, here.


6. Plaids and Checks 

Right about now, you might be asking yourself "is it 1994?" or "Am I stuck in a Ralph Lauren Ad?" Gold accents, floral patterns, dark green walls and plaid?! Ok, maybe don't use all of those things in one space but it's funny how design history does tend to repeat itself.  We predict plaids and checks to play more of a supporting role on pillows, rugs or roman shades and recommend staying away from anything to christmas-y or camp-y. Opt for a gingham, buffalo or a window pane in lighter fabrics like cotton or linen and you'll avoid feeling trapped in the 90's.