All in the Family. 


Lauren is a third generation designer who grew up touring furniture manufacturers on family vacations and playing hide-and-seek amongst showroom fabric samples. When people ask how she chose design she often jokes, "It's in my DNA." Almost every member of her immediate and extended family is connected to the furniture industry and her exposure to construction and design started early.  "I can vividly remember asking a family friend if their sofa was 8-way-hand-tied, I was eleven," reminisces Lauren. 

Copper+Walnut wasn't always the clear end goal. It wasn't until she worked a corporate jobs, got married and had a child that she realized how difficult and time consuming it was to curate a well-appointed home. "I thought, there must be a way to make the beautiful spaces that I grew up with more accessible," so she began studying the American-made furniture market. Lauren focused on construction, becoming an expert on everything from framing to spring tying to cushion fill. She sough consultation from family members who specialize in customer service and mastered the complex logistics required to take a piece all the way from construction to delivery. Finally, she spent time working in a wholesale showroom.

The result, a home goods business that approaches clients from a different angle. "Social media has changed the way we shop, especially when it comes to #housegoals. Style is at our fingertips and for the first time design feels attainable but most don't know where to begin. I like to start the conversation by addressing things like the difference between a $1,000 and $5,000 sofa, the importance of manufacturing origins and what quality control means. My goal isn't necessarily to sell furniture, it's to help people navigate the home goods market and make furniture decisions that align with their style, budget and lifestyle."