Our TeAM

We've done our research finding vendors here in the United States who not only produce top quality products but have a true passion and conscience for their craft. By directly partnering with them, cutting out the middlemen and forgoing brick and mortar we are able to deliver designer furniture at significantly lower prices than you would find in a showroom or retail store.  


Elliston, Virginia

Established in 1990's we partnered with this upholstery manufacturer for their style, use of green materials and superior  building methods. Each and every piece is built with skill and pride by local craftspeople. 


Hickory, North Carolina

Located in Hickory, North Carolina this third-generation manufacturer is the cornerstone on which we launched our collection. Hand-picked for their impeccable design eye and reputation for classic, quality furniture construction techniques, each piece is built to provide optimum comfort and lasting value. 


Covington, Kentucky

Nestled along the Ohio River is a factory that has perfected animal-friendly, washable fur. As a leading multichannel retailer and overall rockstar, their passion for creating a truly superior fur alternative made this an easy partnership.